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Praise for Grand Clock in App Store

Grand Clock iOS 8 Tip: Enable Notifications

A change in iOS 8 makes it necessary to enable notifications in order for the chimes to sound when Grand Clock is not running.

Go to the Settings app and select Notifications. Scroll to find Grand Clock, select it, and enable notifications.

Grand Clock 1.5 Update Released

New setting for background chiming
  • new! Schedule chime start and stop hours
  • New! Time spoken aloud when VoiceOver is enabled and the clock is tapped
  • New higher quality tick-tock sound
  • Fixed Whittington quarter hour chime
  • Fixed instance where the Gong chime did not sound when the app was in the foreground with frequency set to 15 minutes
  • Fixed failure of chime to sound when VoiceOver was enabled

Grand Clock Version 1.3.5 (Crash fix)

An update to Grand Clock that fixed crashing problems in testing has been submitted to the App Store and should be available sometime between September 25-29.

Compatibility verified for Grand Clock when using the latest Apple software

Everything in Grand Clock works the same as with previous versions of the Apple software. One thing about the new iPhone 5S is that more people may be setting their iPhone to be passcode (fingerprint) locked. In that case, the background chime will not sound when the iPhone is passcode locked. That was also true in iOS 6.

The volume of the chimes when played in the background is still controlled by the volume setting in Settings > Sound > Ringer and Alerts. It is also still muted when the silent switch is in the silent position.

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