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Grand Clock Version 1.3.4 (FIX)

If you updated Grand Clock May 28-29 to version 1.3.3 you will encounter a crash when you try to preview a new chime.

This bug is corrected in the next update, which will be available on the App Store in a few days.

Compatibility verified for Grand Clock when using the latest Apple software

Everything in Grand Clock works the same as with previous versions of the Apple software. One thing about the new iPhone 5S is that more people may be setting their iPhone to be passcode (fingerprint) locked. In that case, the background chime will not sound when the iPhone is passcode locked. That was also true in iOS 6.

The volume of the chimes when played in the background is still controlled by the volume setting in Settings > Sound > Ringer and Alerts. It is also still muted when the silent switch is in the silent position.

Grand Clock: Chimes Sound Whether App is Running or Not

New setting for background chiming
You can now turn on the background chime to hear it play in the background while you are doing other things in the foreground! The chimes will be heard as loud as your "Ringer and Alerts" volume setting indicates, so make sure that you adjust that accordingly. That setting is found in the Settings App, under General > Sounds.

This update also addresses problems that caused the application to quit unexpectedly on the newest iPhone and iPad. The pendulum has also been enhanced in appearance. More updates are planned soon to add the option to silence the background chime at night, and to play other high quality chime melodies.